Opening of the first space of the Classrooms of the Future network promoted by the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training of Spain

IT3D Group is part of the project that aims to boost teaching processes through updated methodologies

It is a reality. Education had to take the leap, and it has. The Ministry of Education and Vocational Training of Spain (MEFP), through the National Institute of Educational Technologies and Teacher Training (INTEF) and Samsung, the company behind the initiative, has inaugurated the Classrooms of the Future network.

Presentation of the Classroom of the Future

On Monday 6 September 2021, the official launch of the project took place at the INTEF headquarters. The ceremony was attended among others by Alejandro Tiana Ferrer, Secretary of State for Education and Mª Dolores López Sanz, General Director  for Evaluation and Territorial Cooperation of the MEFP, together with representatives of the participating entities.

David Alonso Nieto (Samsung Mobility Business Director). Alejandro Tiana Ferrer (Secretary of State for Education). Mª Dolores López Sanz (Director of Evaluation and Territorial Cooperation of the MEFP).

Alejandro Tiana expressed his satisfaction and enthusiasm for the project: ‘I am excited to see how ideas that we are thinking about become a reality’. He also attached importance to educating people with skills for the future, not only with knowledge: ‘It is very important that the students who have to take this country forward have the most complete education possible… It is not only about students acquiring knowledge, but also about what we do with that knowledge and what we use it for’.

Rubén García Muñoz (CEO of IT3D Group)

Among the companies collaborating in the Classroom of the Future are IT3D Group, Smart Technologies, Robotix, Federico Giner and Vodafone Foundation.

Rubén García Muñoz, CEO of IT3D Group was the representative of the Valencian company at the opening ceremony. ‘The Classroom of the Future is a unique opportunity for pedagogical transformation. An essential transformation to be able to respond to the changes that our society is experiencing in recent years’, he stated. He also highlighted the commitment to training, advice and support for schools, which IT3D Group has maintained from the outset.

You can relive the entire presentation of the Classroom of the Future on INTEF’s YouTube channel.

First space of the Classrooms of the Future network

On the same Monday of the presentation, the first space organised according to the canons that defend this project was launched. The classroom location is at the INTEF headquarters, and was attended by specialised professionals from the different collaborating companies.

Classroom of the Future establishes a space divided into six zones with the possibility of reconfiguration. The zones are: Research, Explore, Interact, Develop, Creation, and Presentation. The aim of all of them is to enhance and stimulate teaching methods. To this end, it places the student as the protagonist of the whole process, and the teacher as the orientator and guide of their learning.

T3D Group is located in the Creation area, and is defined as the entity responsible for the section dedicated to 3D technology and its applications in new educational spaces. To this end, we provide the Classroom of the Future with Voladd and CoLiDo 3.0 3D printers and Dibuprint 3D interactive software. In addition, continuous and specialised training is carried out to get the most out of the products for the education sector.

It is worth remembering that this project aims to serve as a reference for teachers and educational centres in order to face the methodological changes in teaching. The Classroom of the Future aims to lay the foundations so that, through the configuration of flexible spaces, the training of students can be enhanced.

Why is IT3D Group part of the Classroom of the Future?

The fact that IT3D Group is linked to this project is no coincidence. In 2018 we were already part of the #MicrosoftEDULab initiative coordinated by Microsoft and held in Madrid. Over time we have been updating our way of understanding teaching, until we have achieved the perfect fusion between technology and learning.

After many years betting on the education sector, being committed to training and seeking to enhance the learning of stakeholders, we are very proud to be part of this ambitious project at national level.

The differential factor that makes IT3D Group one of the collaborating companies in the Classrooms of the Future network is that we accompany the user throughout the entire process. Our work philosophy is completely linked to teaching and teacher guidance.

We make sure that they understand the possibilities of 3D printing and the usefulness of the products acquired in all areas of knowledge and at all educational stages. We are in constant contact and we adapt to the needs or limitations that the user may have. In fact, we have specific packages that guide the user in all areas, for an integral pedagogical use of this technology without limiting it only to the technological one that has been usual.

For all these reasons, the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training of Spain has considered IT3D Group to be the ideal entity to carry out this task. Our aim is to simplify the incorporation of 3D technology as a very useful pedagogical tool in 21st century education.

Thus, this evolutionary process of teaching continues, in which IT3D Group works side by side with other collaborating companies to improve the education of students.


From IT3D Group we would also like to remind you that we will be present from 26th to 28th October 2021 at the Industry fair organised by Addit3D. In addition, we will participate in the Formnext exhibition to be held from 16 to 19 November 2021 in Frankfurt. Follow the steps on the respective websites and come and meet us.

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