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Integrated 3D Scanner – Blue Laser + Photogrammetry

Ultra-high precision industrial metrology

The KSCAN series offers a complete scanning solution in one device, combining essential scanning functions. With capabilities to scan parts of different sizes, from small (1-5mm) to medium (0.05-1.5m) and large (1.5-10m), Scantech Handheld 3D Scanners give you an experience flexible and accurate 3D scanning. Not even the smallest detail escapes with Scantech’s Portable 3D Scanners.

Super Fast Scan mode employs up to 13 blue laser crosses for fast, accurate capture, accurate to 0.02mm. In addition, the photogrammetry system is designed for large pieces. If you need to scan the smallest details, the 7 parallel lines blue laser mode will give you the desired results.

Additionally, these scanners are compatible with a portable CMM probe and can be integrated into an automated 3D system for greater versatility. With Scantech Portable 3D Scanners, you get an easy-to-use and highly accurate portable 3D scanning experience.

Escantech KSCAN20

professional 3D scanner


Super fast scan


Super fast scan

Professional Portable 3D Scanner

We present our line of handheld 3D scanners specialized in scanning small and medium-sized parts. These scanners are the perfect solution to improve the efficiency of 3D inspection processes. Their easy handling makes them comfortable and versatile tools in various work environments, offering a flexible 3D scanning experience.

Thanks to the hyperfine scanning mode, our portable 3D scanners are capable of capturing even the smallest details, adapting to different materials and part characteristics, such as gloss. Its advanced technology allows for exceptional and precise results.

Our professional handheld 3D scanners offer an affordable solution for 3D scanning, ensuring excellent results and quickly obtaining 3D information from deep cavities and inaccessible places in complex objects.

Trust our portable 3D scanners and get an efficient and quality solution for your 3D scanning needs.

Escantech Simscan

As small as the palm of your hand

Global 3D Scanner

Designed for large-scale projects

Global 3D scanners are specially designed for large-scale 3D object measurement. These scanners have a built-in photogrammetry system that provides an industrial-grade 3D solution without the need for additional devices. When faced with 3D inspection of large-scale projects, the size of the scanning area and volumetric accuracy present unavoidable challenges. However, this 3D solution benefits from the innovative technology of the built-in photogrammetry system, allowing for an ultra-wide scanning area and accurate data collection. This improves the efficiency of high-quality 3D modeling and speeds up the 3D scanning process.

Experience the fluidity of 3D scanning with Scantech Global 3D Scanners. These devices offer high efficiency thanks to their ultra-fast speed, making it easy to measure large areas. In addition, they operate autonomously, which allows precise 360º inspections, in real time and in 3D on surfaces of any size. Enjoy a limitless 3D scanning experience with Scantech Global 3D Scanners.

Escantech AXE-B11

A new 3D experience

3D Scanner Tracking

Intelligent 3D Tracking without the Need for Markers

The TrackScan series of 3D scanners excels at making accurate 3D measurements without the need to place markers, reducing both time and labor costs while improving workflow efficiency. This 3D tracking system also offers extremely fast 3D scanning speed, and its construction with aerospace-grade carbon fiber materials ensures robust and long-lasting 3D measurements. The professional tracking 3D scanner is widely used in quality control, product development, reverse engineering, and other applications. Additionally, this 3D system can be integrated with an automated 3D system to perform 3D inspections without human intervention, providing accurate and reliable results.


Optical tracking measurements


3D optical measurement system

Scantech Trackprobe

Weiträumige Messungen für vielseitige Anwendungen

Scantech Nimbletrack

Nimble and Wireless, Easier Than Ever

Photogrammetry system

Improve Your Team’s Accuracy

For large-scale projects that require high levels of accuracy and repeatability, the MSCAN series 3D inspection devices offer an exceptional solution. These devices are capable of operating autonomously and achieve a volumetric precision of up to 0.015 mm/m, guaranteeing highly accurate results. Additionally, the MSCAN line of photogrammetry systems can be integrated with portable 3D scanners for optimal performance. When working on large-scale projects, the MSCAN line becomes the ideal choice to eliminate measurement errors and improve work efficiency. Trust MSCAN to increase the accuracy of your equipment and obtain superior quality results.

Escantech MSCAN-L15

Photogrammetry system

Automated 3D Scanner

Automated Quality Control for Factories

ScanTech automated 3D scanning system offers great compatibility and combines with our Compound 3D Scanners, Handheld 3D Scanners, Global 3D Scanners and Tracking 3D Scanners. These comprehensive 3D solutions provide competitive technical support for automated 3D measurement on medium-large parts.

Based on 3D optical tracking technology, the automated system provides 3D inspection without human intervention, helping companies streamline the quality control process and significantly reduce production costs. This automatic system revolutionizes inspection in the workshop and accelerates 3D digitization, allowing an efficient and fast process. Trust ScanTech’s automated system to improve your quality control and optimize your production.

AutoScan-K 3D

AutoScan system

AutoScan-T42 3D

AutoScan system

Scantech AM - CELL C200

Explorer for Efficient automated Measurement

Scantech AM - DESK

Versatility and Efficiency Beyond Imagination
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