3D printer filaments

The best choice for your 3D printer

Industrial materials designed to offer the best results. Formulated to ensure the highest print quality, IT3D
filaments are common polymers in various industries and cover most technical applications.

PLA filaments

Made with raw material from the United States

Basic PLA

Perfect for domestic, educational and industrial use.

These original colido filaments have a stable diameter throughout the coil and bubble-free, millimetrically tested with laser technology, to achieve a perfect finish for your pieces.

Thermochromic PLA

The material of this Colido filament has the ability to change color depending on the temperature to which it is subjected.

Perfect for creative arts, crafts, DIY, educational sector … has an interesting texture and finish, and its contraction rate is high to get parts without deformations.

PLA Luminous

The objects you believe will glow in the dark!

Uniform diameter, uniform diameter and stable diameter for optimal finishing.

Translucent PLA

This translucent filament allows the printing of pieces of great resistance and smooth surface. In addition this 3D filament allows light to pass through, which expands the range of possibilities for your creations.

Complies with FDA food directives.

Available in different colors.

PLA Wood / Wood

This Colido filament stands out for the interesting creative possibilities it offers.

Wood filaments and a polymer of special characteristics allow to recreate a finish similar to wood. ¡ It will surprise you!

PLA Bronze

This filament will give a bright appearance to your 3D designs, do not hesitate to try these more creative 3D filaments.

PA Nylon filaments

Made with raw material from the United States

The most remarkable feature of this type of filament is the hardness that it gives to the 3D printed pieces. These pieces will be able to receive impacts and support weight without deforming. Perfect for industrial parts.

PC + filament

Get perfect finishes without deformations

Other material developed by Colido for the realization of industrial parts: interior parts of cars, appliances, etc. Consistent and without deformations.

ABS filaments

Made with raw material from the United States

Durability and thermal resistance greater than 60º. This is the most remarkable feature of Colido's ABS filament, along with its Bubble Free quality and optimal resolution.

Flexible Filament

Made with raw material from the United States

High elasticity and abrasion resistance. This flexible filament of Colido also allows a remarkable adhesion between the layers of the piece.

PETG filament

Made with raw material from the United States

The mechanical characteristics of the PETG filament are very favorable for 3D printing. The essential filament for 3D printing.

Voladd Cartridge

Easier. More productive

Greater production and ease. The specific cartridges for Voladd 3D printer allow it to obtain parts with optimal results. Voladd has achieved a fast replacement 3D filament loading system.

GREAT FORMAT 3D filaments

Filamentos 3D de gran formato
Different colors available

Our large format filament is manufactured with top quality raw material, doesn’t include recycled or recovered material. Fully stabilized and with a variability in diameter of ± 0.03 mm. They do not produce warping and provide excellent resolution in printing. They are available in 3 sizes: XL (3.3 KG), XXL (5.6 KG) and XXXL (8 KG).

3D PEN filaments

Colido 3D PEN filament

Made with raw material from the United States

With the original filaments for the PEN 3D of CoLiDo you will have a wide variety of colors to create your 3D shapes and unleash your creativity. Likewise, its straight-line design facilitates its insertion into the 3D PEN, making the change of filament more comfortable, simple and fast.

Filament PEN 3D LT Colido

Made with raw material from the United States

Unleash your creativity with the original filaments of CoLiDo for the PEN 3D LT. You will have a wide variety of colors to create your 3D figures.

  • Pack of 6 filament rolls for Pen 3DLT.
  • Colors: Black / Green / Blue / Red / Yellow / White
  • Length per roll: 5 meters

Powerful cleaning filament

Portable, easy to use and secure

Ideal for those jobs that need more durability. Works that must withstand temperatures higher than 60 degrees. We are facing a “bubble free” filament, in this way we will achieve high quality and high resolution finishes.

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