3D Scanners

Accurate and simple


Precision and speed within reach from your hands


Automation at the best price


Reproduces every last detail

The Best Range of 3D Scanners

Master and bring to life the geometry of your parts, both for quality control and for the creation of 3D models using the innovative technology of Scantech’s Portable and Robotic 3D Scanners.

Portable 3D Scanner

Precision and speed at your fingertips

Experience precision and speed in your own hands with our Portable 3D Scanner. This device, ideal for both the metrology and engineering departments, allows you to digitize your parts in record time with astonishing precision of up to 0.02 mm. Discover a simple and comfortable way of portable 3D scanning, without losing even the smallest detail. Scantech Portable 3D Scanners are designed to exceed your expectations.

Portable Color 3D Scanner

Reproduces every last detail with vibrant colors

Dive into a world of detail with our Portable Color 3D Scanner. This scanner uses high-definition infrared structured light technology to reproduce your parts with exceptional accuracy down to 0.1mm. It is perfect for health departments, art, augmented reality, virtual reality, and many other fields. Scantech 3D Color Scanners capture 3D texture information with amazing quality, becoming a must-have tool for body and face scanning in the healthcare field, as well as art and cultural relics preservation.

Robotic 3D Scanner

Automation at the best price

Reduce scanning times and guarantee stability in your periodic inspections thanks to the automation of the measurement process. Our Robotic 3D Scanners offer semi-automated and fully automated measurements using measurement stations that combine an optical 3D scanner with a collaborative robot. Discover the advantages of this technology and optimize your measurement processes with Scantech’s Robotic 3D Scanners.

3D Scanner Measurement Software

Boost your point clouds

At Scantech, we have the best software on the market to optimize your point clouds. Get the most out of your measurement equipment with our advanced metrology solutions, including scanning, inspection and point cloud processing capabilities.

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