TECNALIA introduces the DomoBIO 4A 3D BIOprinter

BIOprinting is a breakthrough technique that has revolutionised the world of regenerative medicine and tissue engineering in recent years. This technique enables the fabrication of three-dimensional structures of living tissue using a specialised 3D printer that allows the addition of biocompatible cells and materials. BIOprinting has been researched and used in a wide range of applications.

One of the leading research centres in the field of BIOprinting is TECNALIA, an international benchmark in applied research and technological development and a member of the Basque Research and Technology Alliance. This research centre has recently incorporated the DomoBIO 4A 3D BIOprinter, distributed exclusively by IT3D Group.

DomoBIO 4A integration in TECNALIA’s projects

Founded in 2001, TECNALIA is one of the biggest applied research centres in the world. Its success in developing innovative and sustainable solutions to today’s technological challenges makes it a unique centre of its kind. In addition to this, it is constantly committed to research and development projects both nationally and internationally.

Its constant commitment to innovation, together with the need to incorporate cutting-edge machinery in the field of BIOprinting, has prompted TECNALIA to integrate DomoBIO technology into its work team.

The DomoBIO 4A developed by DomoTek and distributed exclusively by IT3D Group, combines the technologies necessary to carry out its research. With its four advanced heads (extrusion, UV, FDM and electrospinning) and its heated platform, TECNALIA tackles projects ranging from tissue engineering to drug evaluation.

Field of work and line of research in which the DomoBIO equipment is used

The DomoBIO 4A boosts the manufacture of customised implants, tissue engineering, regenerative medicine and the implementation of advanced therapies. The DomoBIO 3D printer has also been used in the manufacture of in vitro 3D models for the evaluation of drugs and the study of their cellular and molecular biology.

One of the most recent projects published by TECNALIA focused its activity on the engineering of the wound microenvironment through advanced BIOprinting of dressings. This study, published in the International Journal of Molecular Sciences, presented a BIOprinting strategy to create three-dimensional dressings that could help promote the healing of chronic wounds. The TECNALIA research team used the DomoBIO 4A printer to print the dressings using biocompatible materials and skin cells.

The TECNALIA research team has also made significant advances in the BIOprinting of tissues and organs. Another of its projects in which DomoBIO has played a key role has been the creation of 3D models of the nervous system using a matrix of decellularised porcine adipocytes. This work demonstrated the potential of 3D biotechnology in the field of creating complex and highly structured tissue models.

Other BIOprinting applications

In addition to the aforementioned projects linked to TECNALIA, BIOprinting offers unique solutions in different areas related to medicine. The 3D farbication of personalised implants, the creation of advanced tissues, or the generation of functional organs for transplants…

BIOprinting has also shown great potential in the production of in vitro 3D models for drug testing. By producing artificial tissues and organs, the effects of different drugs can be evaluated under controlled conditions. This solution can lead to the development of more effective and personalised treatments.

In short, TECNALIA has found in the DomoBIO 4A the solution to grow in the field of BIOimprinting and the manipulation of advanced materials. IT3D Group is proud that an internationally renowned entity such as TECNALIA trusts in its technology to improve its performance. If you are interested in finding out more about our BIOprinting, nanotechnology and advanced materials handling solutions, please visit our website.


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