Agreement between IT3D Group and the Ministry of Education and Professional Training

IT3D Group joins the « Classroom of the Future » project promoted by MEFP

The world is changing. New technologies are no longer a novelty. Therefore, the incorporation of these technologies in sectors such as education is essential to empower future generations. Developing in a digitalised environment and adapting to the latest technological trends requires training in line with this situation. Today, the importance of training capable people for the successful evolution of society is irrefutable.

In this context, the Future Classroom Lab initiative was launched in Europe in 2012. As a result, the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training (MEFP) began to develop the « Classroom of the Future » project in Spain in 2015. IT3D Group collaborates in this initiative together with brands such as Samsung or Smart Technologies.

What is the « Classroom of the Future » project ?

The « Classroom of the Future » originated in 2012 with the European initiative Future Classroom Lab, promoted by European Schoolnet in Brussels. In 2017, the National Institute of Educational Technologies and Teacher Training (INTEF) finally adapted this programme. Thus taking the first step in the creation of a network of classrooms distributed throughout the different autonomous communities, Ceuta and Melilla.

The « Classroom of the Future » project is coordinated by INTEF in collaboration with the autonomous communities. This initiative promotes a methodological change based on better management of educational spaces. In this way, it seeks to establish learning through the productive use of technology in order to improve teaching processes.

During the project, training is provided that focuses on the development of teachers’ own competences for subsequent application. At all times, the dynamics promote the use and management of innovative spaces in daily teaching practice. To this end, the establishment of new concepts in teachers is a priority task of the programme.

The project proposes the « Classroom of the Future » as an educational, zoned, formative and reconfigurable space. It is divided into six flexible learning zones (Investigate, Explore, Interact, Develop, Create and Present), supported by technology and specific furniture. With this method, students work on advanced skills and are stimulated by the learning process.

The « Classroom of the Future » is not just about the location, the products used or the technology behind it. This programme provides an ideal learning environment to enhance the learning processes of the students. The purpose of carrying it out in this way is mainly that the educational centres see in this proposal a mirror in which to look at themselves.

IT3D Group committed to the « Classroom of the Future »

At IT3D Group we have been involved in innovative projects related to new technologies for years. In fact, in 2018 we were already part of the #MicrosoftEDULab project coordinated by Microsoft and held in Madrid. #MicrosoftEDULab was born as a laboratory of educational methodologies to transmit the key elements of education adapted to the 21st century. In that project we presented 3D solutions with the aim of establishing new habits related to this discipline in teaching.

After IT3D Group’s performance in #MicrosoftEDULab, we became part of the network of ambassadors of the Classroom of the Future programme promoted by INTEF. IT3D Group’s experience as a supplier of 3D products, as well as its commitment to technological innovation have supported the collaboration.

Each area of the project includes specific products and elements (digital whiteboards, 360º recording cameras, VR glasses, robotics kits, microscopes…). At IT3D Group we are responsible for the section dedicated to the 3D world and its applications in the new teaching spaces. To this end, we provide the Classroom of the Future with the CoLiDo 3.0 3D printer and the Voladd 3D printer. During the 4 years of the agreement, IT3D will be able to equip the classrooms with Tumaker professional 3D printers if necessary.

We also provide the consumables necessary for the operation of the machines, and the DIBUPRINT 3D licence. The latter is a software that democratises 3D printing. It facilitates its access to any user without 3D modelling skills and allows them to create, design and enjoy 3D in a simple way. A fundamental element in the incorporation of 3D printing in primary education.

At IT3D Group we take care of transmitting to the attendees a mentality acclimatised to the current and future 3D technological situation. In short, we share our knowledge about the possibilities that this growing sector can bring to education.

Purpose of the « Classroom of the Future »

As mentioned above, the main objective of the « Classroom of the Future » is to provide a reference for teachers to establish new methodologies to apply. In the case of IT3D Group, focusing the speech on the applications of 3D technology. This aim can therefore be broken down into four more specific objectives:

  • To encourage schools to reflect on and assess the creation and management of innovative teaching spaces.
  • Classroom of the Future tries to train teachers in the use of innovative learning techniques that include digital and new technologies, such as 3D printing.
  • To convey the idea of the Classroom of the Future as an example to follow. Disseminate effective practices that serve as an impetus for the digital transformation of classrooms.
  • To create and support the different Classrooms of the Future that are born in educational centres and join the community.

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