Resin Dentistry

UNIZ technology provides patients with the highest quality of care by providing dentists and orthodontists with modern tools and workflow without the need for orthodontists modern tools and workflow without the need for outsourcing.

Digital workflow in dentistry

A digital workflow that improves efficiency and reduces bottlenecks.

zDental GRAY
zDental SAND

Maximise productivity with

UNIZ ultra-fast 3D printers

Large build platform: 8.9
High print speed: 200 mm / hour*.
High precision: 49.8 μm **

* NP mode
** Pixel size

Smooth surface finish

With adjustable slice thickness

Extreme precision

± 50 microns accuracy *
* may vary depending on printer type

High output

Produces hundreds of models per day.

Perfect fit

Tight tolerance with every print.

Biocompatible materials

Safe and easy to use.

Fastest speed
The fastest print speed in the world.
High throughput
Prints hundreds of models per day.
Improve profit
Achieve maximum profitability in the shortest possible time.
Multiple applications
Multi-purpose resins with a wide variety of applications.

Meet your dental needs

Various dental applications at super high speeds.

Dental models

zDental Model Sand is our latest addition to our dental resin range. Useful for applications such as the manufacture of dental models and orthodontic moulds. This resin prints more accurately than ABS resin, has a high build-up capacity and the perfect balance between hardness and rigidity. 


Slash Plus


zDental Model Sand

Material Brand


Arch models per impression


Weight per arch

13.8g(with supports)

Material cost per arch


Printing time

1h 22min

Printing time per arc


Impression tray

FotoDent® tray is a biocompatible light-curing resin for the fabrication of dental impression trays. High reactivity at low viscosity. The finished impression trays have a homogeneous surface, which significantly reduces manual reprocessing.


Slash Plus


FotoDent Tray

Material brand


Trays per print


Weight per tray

28.8g (with media)

Media cost per tray


Printing time

4h 3min

Printing time per tray


Mouldable partial frames

The GR-12 cast material is a residue-free, mouldable 3D printing resin, which can be used in combination with different investment materials for a variety of applications.


Slash Plus


GR-12 Cast

Material brand


Partial frames per print


Weight per frame

8.8g (with mounts)

Material cost per frame


Printing time

1h 41min

Printing time per frame


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