Voladora NX + Pellets

Voladora NX +​ Pellets​​

Impresora 3D Pellets

Voladora NX + Pellets​​

Currently 3D Printing is limited to those materials that exist in filament format. This is a handicap when it comes to the evolution and propagation of the use of 3D printers. That is why we have decided to go to the origin. The pellet or pellet is the initial form of plastic. The format from which all filaments are manufactured. Thanks to a new extrusion system developed by our engineers, we can print directly with the Pellet. In this way we fully open the range of printing possibilities. Thanks to this exclusive technology, , we are able to reach new sectors and get new 3D printing applications. With our 3D pellet printing we can break the barriers making it possible to print with new materials or with certified and approved materials. The 3D Pellet printer allows us faster manufacturing, greater productivity and a significant cost reduction.

Finally you can print with the approved materials for your sector

Only with 3D printing with pellets can you work with all those materials that do not exist in the form of a filament. Many times the amount of material we need is minimal. For this reason many materials that are used in the industry in a small quantity are not filamented by the high cost that it would entail. However, thanks to the 3D printer with Pellet, we can manufacture with scarce weight materials. Materials that are normally the only ones approved for certain sectors of activity.

Increase productivity by avoiding
tedious and expensive coil changes

The 3D pellet printer is the maximum exponent of the automation of the printing process. In the market there are coils of different sizes (up to 8 Kg), but no matter how large the coil is, we always have to make a technical stop for its change. With Pellet 3D printing, we forget this process. The pellet feeds our 3D printer continuously and automatically. A device truly integrated into our production process.

3D printing with new properties

Materials, in the filament process, lose or transform part of their properties. Thanks to the fact that with our 3D pellet printer we work directly with the original material, our materials will keep all their properties intact. Only with the Tumaker 3D pellet printer will you get the best quality, the best finish and get the maximum performance from your parts.
SIZE: Printer volume: (x) 285mm (y) 170mm (z) 200mm Printer size: (x) 450mm (y) 410mm (z) 410mm Package size: (x) 500mm (y) 500mm (z) 610mm Package weight: 26 kg Printer weight: 24 kg NOZZLE: Nozzle Diameter: 0.8 Nozzle temperature: 180º – 350º Nozzle heating time: 20ºC: 200ºC – 1’15” / 250ºC  1’50” / 300ºC – 2’35” Minimum layer height: 40μm Maximum layer height: 60μm ENERGY: Smart Energy Management: Yes Power level: 500W Noise level: 44dB (closed door, 40dB) HOT BED: Hot bed: 45º – 100º Bed leveling / active leveling: No Ambient temperature for printing: 10ºC – 35ºC (optimal, 20ºC) Ambient temperature without printing: 5ºC – 45ºC CONNECTIONS: Connected to the Internet: Yes Connectivity: USB, Ethernet / Wifi Screen: No Control devices: PC, Tablet, Smartphone Control Mode: Web WARRANTY: 1 year limited warranty SOFTWARE: Professional Simplify3D Software

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