Manufacturing of the maritime rescue drone

General Drones is a Valencian company highly recognized in the field of differential drone development. Auxdron Lifeguard is your latest innovation in the sector.

It is a high-performance drone that will be responsible for monitoring the beaches of Port de Sagunt (Valencia) and Palma de Mallorca. A pioneer experience that has the support of Marine Rescue.

The geometries and physical characteristics that the Auxdron needed, made it necessary to use 3D printing for its development. Thus, General Drones opted for the technology offered by International Technology 3D Printers.

fabricacion-dron-3d-salvamento-maritimoTwo 3D printer models: the CoLido X3045 large format 3D printer and the Tumaker BigFoot 500 industrial 3D printer were responsible for printing some of the fundamental parts of the Auxdron. The chassis and central housing, drone legs, motor protectors and light elements were manufactured using 3D printing.


According to those responsible for General Drones,
“The use of 3D printing has been fundamental to be able to make some of the parts of the drone, due to the specific geometry that entails”

Rosalía Machín, Lieutenant of the Civil Guard and Head of the Technological Innovation Area of the body, was in charge of making the presentation. The lieutenant highlighted the value that the incorporation of this technology can suppose in the surveillance and rescue of the beaches: “in the coast rescue service it can help a lot since it also has easy access to inaccessible areas”, emphasizing the speed and drone effectiveness.

Adrián Plazas and Enrique Fernandez, founders of General Drones, highlighted the improvements made in the structure, engines, propellers and reliability of the drone. Among other things, they highlighted the resistance of the drone as “eit is composed of materials prepared to resist exposure to the sun, moisture, and corrosion of the sea and sand”.

Enrique Fernandez, Technical Director of General Drones, wanted to share with Rubén García, CEO of IT3D, the final result of the drone. The entire IT3D staff congratulated the General Drones team for the magnificent work done. Enrique Fernandez, in turn, thanked the collaboration and support provided by IT3D in this project so exciting that, finally, has proved to be a great success.


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