IT3D Group arrives in France

IT3D Group’s international expansion continues at a dizzying pace. A little over a year ago, IT3D Group began its internationalization process. During this time, many specialists in the additive manufacturing market have opted for the exclusive and differential solutions presented by IT3D Group. Thanks to this, we can currently have official representatives in various countries. Portugal, Germany, Belgium, Romania, Czech Republic, Colombia, Austria and Luxembourg already have IT3D Official Distributors. An international structure that ensures the best service to our clients. A program with a great growth opportunity for our partners in their objective of incorporating or developing the sale of 3D printers and global solutions in additive manufacturing as a highly profitable and efficient line of business.

France, due to its geographical and cultural proximity, had always been a very interesting destination for our internationalization process. A destination that, however, had not found the ideal partner for its implementation.

BBFil, new SILVER PARTNER in France

BBFil was born in 2014 as a developer of special filaments for manufacturers and research laboratories. An activity that was reinforced in subsequent years with the sale of 3D printing equipment, consumables, printing services and consulting for the development of specific solutions. Without doubt, a partner with a high technological character, extensive experience in 3D printing and with the advisory and customer service profile that has always identified IT3D Group. A company that has managed to position itself as one of the references in the sale of 3D printers in France.

Bertrand Beury leads this project which, with the incorporation of IT3D Group’s 3D printers and customized solutions, takes a new differentiating impulse.

IT3D Group and BBFil: specialized solutions

In addition to the extensive experience provided by BBFil in projects to support the digital transformation of companies, in CHSCT / HSE integration solutions for the client in their environment and in training and advice on additive manufacturing, there are also specific solutions for commercialized 3D printers exclusively by IT3D Group.

The Tumaker Pro NX DUAL with independent double head to print safely with different materials, the Tumaker Pro BigFoot with the capacity to print up to 500 x 500 x 500 mm, the Tumaker Pro Pellets to break the barriers of filamented materials and the exclusive NovaSpider, the only machine in the world market that combines 3D printing, Eectrospinning and Melt Electrospinning to obtain nanofibers with applications in many sectors.


And let’s not forget the entire range of CoLiDo brand 3D printers. A range based on efficiency, quality and a very reasonable price that has made them the leading 3D printers in sectors such as education, commerce and a very competitive option for access to this technology.

All this ensures BBFil customers both access to the largest catalog of 3D printing solutions and products, as well as achieving a personalized, professional and efficient service.



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