Increase your sales adding
value to your products

Digital 3D objects seen in the real world

Clone Digital is the platform that shows three-dimensionally and in a simple way, your products, in the field for which they have been designed. It will be easier for your customers to make a decision when purchasing them.

Augmented and virtual reality allow your products to reach customers from anywhere in the world. Use the new digital channels to access new customers and obtain valuable information to grow your business.


Cost reduction

We do not develop a specific program or app for you, this allows us to lower costs and offer you a high-quality solution at an affordable price for any company.

Start the process of marketing your products without the need to manufacture it. We only need a 3D file of your product.

Sales increase

The products are seen in the context for which they have been designed, this saves time when making decisions. The consulted users have valued very positively that the products can be seen in their homes, it is easier for them to decide when to acquire it.

Emotional experience

The interaction with the products adds value to purchase process and create a greatest impact on customers.

Differentiation and competitiveness

The use of augmented and virtual reality as a sales process significantly improves the brand image. Customers appreciate the time savings which implies not having to go to a physical establishment to make purchases.


Obtain information on how many people have seen your product, from which country or city. Test prototypes and receive feedback from your customers, even before you have manufactured it.

Examples Augmented Reality.



Reducción de costes

No requiere desarrollar programas ni aplicaciones complejas para mostrar los productos, ya que funciona mediante la web.

Incremento de ventas

Ofrece una experiencia completa que permite experimentar los resultados finales, potenciando así las decisiones de compra.

Experiencia emocional

La interacción con los productos aporta un valor añadido al proceso de compra y crea un mayor impacto sobre los clientes.

Diferenciación y competitividad

El uso de la Realidad Aumentada para desarrollar proyectos creativos e innovadores mejora notablemente la imagen de marca.

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