Augmented reality

Digital 3D objects seen in the real world

Augmented reality is the technology that allows an object to be seen three-dimensionally anywhere in the world. This allows you to start the marketing process of a product without even having it manufactured.



Augmented and virtual reality allow your products reach customers anywhere in the world. Use the new digital channels to grow your business.


Augmented and virtual reality eliminates physical restrictions of classrooms, allowing students to students immerse themselves in immersive spaces together with his classmates and teacher.


Museums can share beyond their galleries, safely, all kinds of parts, allowing knowledge arrives three-dimensionally to everything one who is interested.


We create digital twins of your industry and we prepare the model to receive data in real time, so you can access through augmented or virtual reality.


The virtual environments generated by Clone Digital are multiplatform environments, users have the possibility of accessing the same room from different environments and devices. From an Android device using a simple cardboard or Oculus quest with advanced graphics and interactions, even from PC and Mac. 

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