NovaSpider PRO: 3 in 1

Features of the NOVASPIDER PRO
  • Screw Driven Extruder up to 300 ºC
  • High-Voltaje Power Supplies of 30 kv to -10kV
  • User Friendly: TouchScreen LCD and real time monitoring
  • Safety Features: Emergency Stop, Locked Door, Automatic Disconnection
  • Controlled Deposition
  • Translational X-Y-Z Heads (Configurable speeds, 25 – 200 mm/s)
  • Step Resolution ranging from 1.6 µm to 12.5 µm
  • 800 nm – 100 µm diameter fibres
  • Syringe Pump with adjustable speed
  • Solution Electrospinning Nozzles Kit
  • Modular accessories for tunning your research needs


Pellet-driven 3D microextrusion + Melt Electrowriting (MEW) + Solution electrospinning.

For a wide range of materials

Polymers & Biomolecules:  
A broad range of polymers have been electrospun which covers industrial polymers, biodegradable polymers, speciality polymers and natural polymers. Generally, these polymers should have a high molecular weight and can be dissolved in a solvent. For commercially important polymers such as polyethylene and polypropylene which dissolves in few solvents, melt electrospinning provides an alternative option.

Inorganic Materials:
Carbon: Since most polymers are made from a carbon backbone, carbon nanofibers can be made with post electrospinning carbonization process. Metal oxides: Many metal oxides have important industrial applications due to their catalytic properties and photoactivity. For example, the precussor to produce titanium dioxide, is often titanium isopropoxide. Finaly, a post spinning sintering process converts then the precursor nanofibers into the metal oxide nanofibers.

Polymer matrix nanofiber composite can be routinely produced using Electrospinning with electrospinnable polymers usually produce. Blending with mixed fillers is the most common method of producing the nanofiber composite. Carbon nanotubes, clays, inorganic nanoparticles and many others have been routinely electrospun in a polymer carrier

Samples fabricated using the NOVASPIDER

Hybrid Structures (SE + MEW)

PVA nanofibers reinforced with aligned PLA

Electrospun Fibers (SE)

Nylon-6 Nanofibers 

Electrospun Fibers (SE)

Polyethylene Nanofibers Mat 

Hybrid Structures (FDM + MEW or SE)

PCL ultrathin fiber scaffolds

Electrospun Fibers + Nanoparticles

PVA nanofibers embedded with graphene nanoparticles 

Deposited Fibers (MEW)

Aligned PLA microfibers

Message from the Director

 Our goal is to place the Basque Country at the forefront of nanoscience research,  contributing to create the necessary conditions for society to benefit from a wide range of nanotechnologies

Jose M. Pitarke, Director

Read the message from José M. Pitarke >


Melt Electrowriting (MEW)
Fused Deposition Modelling (FDM)
Solution Electrospinning (SE)

Material dispenser

  • Ref: NS-SYRINGETC – Pneumatic Extruder (syringe pressure driven flow with temperature control for NovaSpider)
  • Ref: NS-COMPRESSOR – Compressor for the pneumatic extruder NovaSpi- der
  • Ref: SYRINGEPUMP – Syringe with pump integrated in the head for NovaSpider

High voltage power supplies
Ref: NS-VOLTAGE30 – Voltage from 0 to -30 kV

Ref: NS-DRUMCOLLECTOR1 – Drum collector (300-4000 rpm,  = 70 mm, length = 250 mm)
Ref: NS-HOTPLATE – Hotplate (100 oC) for NovaSpider

Controlled Atmosphere

Ref: NS-AC-STANDARD – Atmosphe- re Control Chamber:

  • Standard Temperature (ºC) 15-40 ºC
  • Humidity (%RH) 40-80 %
  • Control Display Yes

Ref: NS-ATMOSPHERECONTROL – Atmosphere Control:

  • Chamber Standard 
  • Temperature (ºC) 15-55 ºC
  • Humidity (%RH) 20-80 %

Port for exhaust with fan and manual valve for NovaSpider

Movement specifications 
Speed X-Y (mm/min): 12000
Accuracy: 12.5 μm
Programming: Slicer/G-Code

System Control
Interface: Web/Touchscreen (LCD, 7’)
Secure closing: Yes
Formulas/Programmes: Yes 

Warranty conditions

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User manual
Technical Especs.

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