BiGFoot Series

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The best-selling large format 3D printer in Spain. Now with spectacular news.

The BiGFoot is a 3D printer that ensures the highest efficiency and productivity in your processes. With the BiGFoot of Tumaker you can access the world of 3D printing in the best possible way. Save costs and increase your profitability with the help of the large format 3D printer with greater success in Spain.

As big as affordable

Tumaker’s BiGFoot is more than a 3D printer. We are facing a large format 3D printing station. A team that includes all the software and hardware you need. Do not waste time on adjustments and previous preparations. Invest your work in optimizing your processes thanks to Tumaker’s large format 3D printing stations. Three models that offer you three different sizes. With the same 500 x 500 mm base, you will find three different heights. Choose between the large 200mm, the giant 350mm or the queen of the family with its 500mm.

Productivity + Efficiency = PROFITABILITY

A simple formula In the BiGFoot of Tumaker we have invested our effort so that you get the maximum performance. With a head that increases heating speed up to 250%. With the incorporation of the new high precision ball screws that allows us to increase the speed of movement. A 45 mm aluminum structure that ensures the greatest possible stability. We have also opted for a double Tumaker E-MAXX 2 extruder that smoothly traces XXL coils of up to 12 kg, while ensuring the manufacture of parts whatever their size. But a professional 3D printer must be integrated into a productive environment. For this reason we have optimized the size of the structure to minimize its volume without giving up the print size. And let’s not forget security, that’s why we include the top cover and the front with security lock.

TUMAKER Printernet.
The true Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 is based on the connectivity and digitalization of processes. Do you know any really connected 3D printer? Tumaker BiGFoot 3D printing stations incorporate the exclusive Tumaker Printernet technology. Connected 3D printers, the only system that ensures you can have production within your reach from anywhere in the world Finally, a true 3D printer for Industry 4.0

High performance details.
They do matter.

If you are looking for a cheap 3D printer, we are not your choice. If you are looking for a reliable, different, efficient product that ensures constant productivity, we are your safest choice. Tumaker 3D printers incorporate the best professional software in the world and technological innovations that differentiate them from the rest. Thus, the exclusive Tumaker Dar Flux head is the only one on the market that offers a variable diameter that is easily accessible. A technology that makes the difference.

Professional software to do More and Better.

Tumaker 3D printing stations include the Simplify3D™professional manufacturing suite. A software with advanced features and optimized to create more complex objects and with more quality. It includes a powerful simulator to make you more productive, visualizing the result of the printing strategy you are working on before you start manufacturing. You can repair the imported designs in the same simplify3D and you will love the smart support option. A spectacular functionality with which the software will create the right support for the most complex parts or give you the possibility to remove or add support wherever you want and how you want. A support so easy to remove that you will not want to use another, ever.
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